Have you got the gut for soundless sleep?

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There are twenty-four hours in a day. Eight of these hours are for you to sleep, to rest, repair, rejuvenate, and recover from the day before. The majority of people report that not only do they not get enough sleep; they also find it hard to get to sleep, stay asleep, and get back to sleep once they have woken up. So why are we waking up so much in the night? Are we more stressed and anxious about work and life in general? Are we living close to the bread line, out of our means and close to the bone?

It may sound crazy to you that your gut would have anything to do with the reason you can't sleep but think again it may be the answer.

The relationship between your circadian rhythms and your microbiome according to new science could be more prominent than you think. The relationship between gut health and brain health is dynamic and its where we will start the investigation.

Your microbial ecosystem can affect the quality and duration of your sleep; equally, a lack of sleep can impact your microbial diversity. A diverse microbiome keeps your immune system healthy, your energy high, and your sleep sound.

Why can't I sleep? All of the below can be affecting your sleep.

  • The sleep/wake hormonal cycle

  • Neurotransmitters: Gabba/dopamine/serotonin

  • Anxiety and depression issues

  • Organ / visceral discomfort

  • Sleep apnea

  • Intestinal melatonin

We have heard a lot about the Gut / Brain Axis and how they work and influence each other. Sleep may be disturbed by your intestinal microbiome, bacteria that release neurotransmitters such as gabba, serotonin, dopamine all regulate mood, sleep.

Sleep is the most critical element of your life, and it is one that as a nation, we are struggling with more than ever. Why is this? Monkey mind (thoughts keeping you up at night) Processed food, being overworked and underpaid, lack of blackout in your bedroom, street, town, city, country? When did all become so obsessed with keeping the lights on?

The good news is that you can do a lot to help you get into deep sleep and rest and repair your beautiful body!

Move aside, lavender tea there's a new guru of sleep in the house! GABA! (GABA AMINOBUTYRIC ACID)

GABA is a neurotransmitter of the nervous system. So Gaba reduces anxiety and improves sleep. It fast tracts you to sleep quicker (shortens sleep latency) and puts you into a deeper sleep. Where has Guru Gaba been all the life you ask?

Benefits of GABA:

  • Reduces anxiety

  • Promotes Sleep

  • Increases calmness and relaxation

Luckily for you, GABA IS THE SINGLE MOST STUDIED amino acid, so it's on-trend.

If you don't want to take a powder/ supplement, no problem you can get GABA in your food also!

And wait for it its good for your GUT too! Get on that fermented food bandwagon with sauerkraut, Korean kimchi, Japanese miso, and kefir for a sound nights sleep. Providing you don't overeat, you can increase the diversity and quantity of your bacteria for better sleep.

Melatonin is the hormone of sleep, the darkness hormone, and essential to the sleep-wake cycle. It is produced in the gut as well as the brain and researchers now believe that melatonin in the gut behaves differently than the melatonin produced by the pineal gland in the brain.

In a nutshell out gut affects how we sleep and how we sleep affect the health of our gut. If you start to look after your diet, you will, in turn, begin to look after your sleep.

Put very simply: our gut affects how well we sleep, and sleep affects the health of our stomach when you start with diet and nutrition its like a knock-on effect to all systems of the body working better for a better-improved version of you.

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The Power of Saliva

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A transparent liquid that is always there and contains more components in the 2% that is not water than you could ever imagine.

It marinates your food so it can be broken down further by you chewing! A lost art in digestion and the quickest way to improve your digestion.

Containing enzymes, microbes, hormones, electrolytes and antimicrobial compounds a bevy of beauty!

Saliva won’t be an issue until the day you run dry! Protecting you from unwanted bugs and grubs in your food; if you lack saliva then you set yourself up for tooth decay as the mineral salts in saliva calcium and phosphate ions slow down the demineralization of tooth enamel and structure.

Saliva is the bodies first line of defence against unwanted bugs and grubs gaining entry into your bloodstream. So I can’t tell you enough to CHEW YOUR FOOD AND EAT REAL FOOD.

You don’t need extra molars to chew pizza and pasta all day long. Over time the facial structure has changed. We are already seeing estrogen dominance in men, women, and children, bodies lacking any shape and muscle tone, bodies cutting on surgeons tables like butter. This is because of the lack of intelligent nutrition we are eating today!

Remember food heals or food poisons! It's our choice which we choose!

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The Oral Microbiome

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Your mouth does so much, so much happens in the mouth, its the start of your digestive system!

The mouth is your first microbiome, The oral microbiome and one that you cannot separate from the rest of your biology.

If you have chronic tooth pain, abscess, root canal, receding gums, bleeding gums, plaque build-up over the day anymore at night then you have more than a dental hygiene issue you have a systemic issue.

Such as Diabetes, RA, cancer, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, fertility. What if all chronic disease started in the oral cavity?

Chronic sinitus and dental infections, resulting in facial neuralgia, chronic eye disorders, headaches, migraines, and jaw inflammation.

All your teeth have a supply of nerves and blood they are an organ just like any other and each tooth represents an organ in the body.

Infections in the mouth are serious as they have entered into the rest of the bloodstream.

So make sure you rinse your mouth upon waking.

Brush your teeth with nontoxic (fluoride) toothpaste) you want the microbes you don’t want to kill them everything and weaken your enamel.

Drink a pint of water and eat an hour later!

Happy kissing!

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Have you got the gut to ditch Diarrhoea?



On average, a person should move 30 cm of well-formed feaces from their body every day. If you do not feel you do, then you may be constipated.

Moving too slow:

They say that what goes in must come out, and while this is true, the transit and retention time of humans varies vastly. The longest time I have consulted with someone for being constipated is two weeks. Just for a moment meditate the thought of not visiting the toilet for two whole weeks! When the transit time is this long, there is often something mechanical wrong with the bowel; a situation where diet and lifestyle are not solely responsible. Diet and lifestyle for the majority of all other cases play a considerable if not the remaining part of the issue.

Moving too fast:

Rushing to the loo, a constant state of emergency, dropping your pants ten times a day, runny and watery bowels are all many starts of diarrhea. When the stool is not formed for three, 4-inch movements a day, you may have a subclinical digestive issue. Often if you are bloated, then you will be diagnosed with IBS. If you find yourself emptying the bowel multiple times a day, then you may have a form of colitis and so on. All digestive symptoms are manageable, can be improved, and also eradicated. It takes care, time, compliance, and motivation, but are all attainable.

Here are some things that your bowels are telling me:

  • The state of your mental health

  • The capacity of your detoxification system (liver and gallbladder)

  • Allergies and intolerances

  • How efficient your digestive system is.

  • Whether you are harboring a parasite or fungal infection

  • If exercise is working for you or against you

  • If you are overusing pharmaceuticals/ nutritional supplementation.

I'm a detective when it comes to the bowels. The consistency of your stool tells me a lot about your health and the state of your health. Your bowels/ stools are also the most significant marker in your wellness program that you can mark your health/symptoms. So my advice is to start looking at what's coming out of you because you put it in, didn't you?

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