The Fat Sack - The Gallbladder

Fat is everywhere, it is talked about debated about, cried about, worried about, and desired about. The crème de la crème of the macro-nutrients. Fat is the reason why vegetarians are always hungry or spend their days grazing on oats cakes trying desperately to get satisfied when really they should just have bacon butty and be done with it! Fat is the macro - nutrient that stops you thinking about food, satiating your hunger hormones allowing you to get on with your day without the constant obsessive thoughts about what to eat next. Being on a diet of sorts is sort of protocol these days. Sucking up the emotional outbursts, the erratic behavior and the indecisive natures that become par for the course in the search of the body beautiful, when fat is rudely made obsolete.

Why do we know so little about the gall bladder? The lungs are for breathing, the liver deals with alcohol, the kidneys deal with the blood, but as for the spleen, the pancreas and the gall bladder it’s any body’s guess’! It might be true that healthier you are the less you might know about your body, never having the need to look any further. Why examine something that works?

Never before have people believed that the shape of their lives depended on the shape of their bodies.’ ‘Roberta Pollack Seid’

Often seen as an organ you can live without, but you can also live without a limb and it doesn’t seem to be protocol for injury or broken bones. Organs take up valuable estate in your body, they earn their wage by performing certain tasks, and breaking down fat is a big job in my book. Take one organ out and pressure resides elsewhere in the body. Yes the bile duct can be attached to the small intestines but that doesn’t make it an effective and efficient plumbing system. Imagine a plumber taping the water pipe with gaffer tape and crossing your fingers it will all be ok.

If you don’t make time to be well then you will have to take time later to be sick. Learn what your body does before you have to learn how to live without it.

A holding tank for digestive juices, so they can break down your Chinese meal after 5 pints with the boys or a bottle of white with the girls. Bile is made in the liver, when it gets wind that you have been out it starts to break down the fat and by doing so extract the nutrients form it, such as Vitamin A,D,E,K all the fat soluble vitamins found in foods. Similar to the washing up liquid you use to wash the grease off your dishes, the liquid breaks down the fat into smaller particles so the grease washes off easily and your body can absorb the nutrients out for use.

The gall bladder is very much part of the gang -  ‘The Fantastic five’ of the digestive organs along with the stomach, the liver, the pancreas and the small intestines, the gall bladder doesn’t actual produce anything but patiently waits and holds. It holds the bile until it is time to digest the fat you have eaten. So it is vital that you always have a store of bile just like your stomach must hold Hydrochloric acid in anticipation for protein.

If you have had a cholecystectomy make sure you are supporting your digestion with the correct nutritional and supplementation plan. With one less accessory organ than you used too, you will have a lack of bile for the rest of your life and fat digestion will be impaired. However there are steps you can take that ensure you maintain your health as best you can and it is doable but just not widely known.


Top tips if you are missing a Gallbladder.

1. Create a cephalic Response

2. Eat bitter foods

3. Ensure you have good zinc levels

4. Eat little and often

5. Eat organic and natural fats#