Oxtail and Bone marrow


Bone broth will arguably help heal the majority of aliments the body experiences.

For The Ox Tail Bones:

  • 3 pounds center-cut beef marrow bonescut into 2-inch pieces, tendons trimmed (ask your butcher to do this)

  • 1/4 cup sea salt, plus more if needed


  1. You will need to soak the oxtail bones in cold water for 1 hour.

  2. Rinse the bones and cut off any visible fat and skin.

  3. Drain all the water from the bones. Then pre boil the bones before cooking as there can sometimes be an unpleasant smell from the bones.

  4. Next, add clean water and simmer again. The ratio of water should be 3 times the volume of the bones. Take a visual on this.

  5. Simmer for 6-7 hours.

  6. Now you will see the water turned into slightly milky broth.

  7. Take the bones out and pull all the meaty parts off the bone. 

  8. Then add the meat bake to the broth and chill it in the fridge

  9. The bones will go back to the pot and add more water again to simmer for the second time, another 6-7 hours.

  10. Then take the bones out and add the broth to the first batch. Now the marrows are jellied and when heated will turn into soup

To season the soup: Black pepper, sea salt, chopped spring onion.

The bone marrow soup freezes beautifully and can last months. Enjoy!