The Digestive Dressing

The Digestive Dressing:

What are the nutritional benefits for this: We all need a little bit of digestive help these days and so make your food your medicine with this metabolic boosting dressing. All these ingredients will help stimulate your digestive enzymes which in turn help you break down the food you eat into small particles for absorption and then energy to be you.


·      Grate turmeric (the size of a small finger)

·      Chop watercress (two handfuls)

·      Pour in cider apple vinegar (3 tbs)

·      Pour in water 100 ml

·      Grind black pepper

·      Sprinkle sea salt

Health Bite: Black pepper helps the absorption of Turmeric giving you a more effective dose of the anti inflammatory spice.

The Nutritional benefits of Turmeric and watercress: Watercress comes form the brassica family and ii a mineral rich leafy green vegetable. It is higher in vitamin c than oranges, and more calcium than milk. Watercress contains Vitamin B12 so great for vegans who don’t get any of the essential B12 vitamin, Vitamin A, Iron and magnesium. Turmeric is predominantly known as an anti inflammatory herb and when taken with black pepper increases the bioavailability of turmeric.

Using the digestive dressing for a herring and rye sandwich on the Chrissy b show Sky 203! on tonight at 10 pm.