The Best Possible You: The Lungs

  • We breathe 23’000 times a day

  • If we cannot breath nothing else matters

  • Men are three times more likely to develop lung caner than women

  • The lungs are the only Organ that can float on water

  • Horses only use their noses to breath

Two of the most protected, bi lateral organs in the body, are the lungs. These are efficiently protected by a rack of bones (the ribs) ensuring no punctures find their way to these vital pumps.

Air is the invisible gift of life. It’s all around us, but we can’t see or touch it. Breathed in 23,000 times a day, it’s a commodity we can’t package but can pollute. Whilst it is available in plentiful quantities, some of us struggle to breath it more than others.

Nevertheless, every cell of our bodies needs it and without it, we die. Silently we breathe in oxygen as our lungs filter the pollution from the outside world. The air we breath is perhaps one of the only equal measure we as humans have in equal supply.

Located posteriorly from your cranium and deep within the pleural cavity, lies this amazing pump house, working night and day; bringing you oxygen in the form of air and excreting the waste product, carbon dioxide, to stop you poisoning yourself. The wonders of the body really are amazing 😉

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