The Stomach: what causes acid reflux?


One of the greatest medical mistakes of all times!

ACID REFLUX/ GERD/ Gastro Oesophageal Disease / peptic ulcer disease. Conventional wisdom says that these conditions are all caused by too much acid.

INCORRECT: It is also extremely important to understand that if you have acid reflux then you have a depleted supply of Hydrochloric Acid in your stomach which is considered to be the first line of defence in your body. If you do not have appropriate levels of acid then you will struggle to break down proteins into amino acids and turn the food ultimately into chyme to be absorbed in the duodenum of the small intestines.

One of the causes of suppressing acid is that you simultaneously decrease your body’s natural defence to kill Helicobactor pylori one of the root causes of GERD / RERLUX. This approach does relieve the symptoms but does nothing to treat the cause and escalates the problem.

What to do:

  1. If you are taking dangerous PPI’S LIKE omeprazole you can wean your self off by lowering your dose over the cause of a few weeks and you can address this program with your health practitioner is your wish.

  2. Eliminate the foods that cause Reflux: Coffee, alcohol, chocolate, peppermint, spices, fizzy drinks and high refined sugar and nicotine.

  3. Sea Salt: (HIMALAYAN) provides you with the chloride to make the hydrochloric acid. Provides trace minerals for most biomechanical reactions

  4. Take HCL: To support the protein breaks down in the stomach

  5. Processed Food: You will deplete all your good bacteria and will not produce anymore with fake food.

  6. Fermented foods: Help change the bowel flora of the gut and you can help irradiate H PYLORI. Do not take antibiotics to irradiate H Pylori, it can be done more effectively naturally

So if you need some help, come and have a free 15 min consultation on the phone with me and lets get you fighting fit and off the drugs. If you do not address the symptoms you will have to take time later to treat the disease.

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