Your kidneys: the waste system of your body!


The kidneys are the only organ to lie retroperitoneally behind the peritoneum in the abdomen and they extend from T12- L3 in the body.

They are two highly efficient organs working through the day and night to pump your blood, filter the waste, regulate electrolyte, blood pressure by balancing salt and water and remove waste through urine.
They are the workhorses of your body!

If your back hurts it could be a dehydrated set of kidneys.

They are only organs that can be managed by a medical machine! It’s not an option for me so let’s keep the kidneys happy by watering them, feeding them and loving them so you don’t loose one, fill them with stones or have them pumped by a machine!

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Top tip: drink organic cold-pressed beetroot juice as they contain detoxification enzymes and powerful antioxidants called betalains.