Am I deficient in HCL?


Hydrochloric Acid lives in your stomach and is the first line of defence. It’s like that shower you are forced to have before swimming in a public swimming pool except for that makes no sense as your wash in water and swim in chemicals.

The acid in the stomach kills the bugs and antigens before gaining access into the rest of the body. If you are low in HCL you may have rosacea / broken capillaries on your cheeks, get acid reflux, not be able to digest your food with the same ease as you used to. You may have a lack of saliva, you may be stressed 😫 as stress depletes HCL.

So here is what you can do…

You can take betaine HCL which will put acid back in the stomach, but really you must make it. Your body makes it with some co factors of zinc and b6!

So there you go! Are you deficient in HCL? Spend money on your health and not things that not rot!

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