Have you got the gut to cut the constipation?

Constipation: A real pain of a condition and one that most people experience in their lifetime. The real question is: Are you constipated emotionally or are you constipated physically/mechanically in the colon?

I see that the former is most true as it’s not always the food that causes the issues but rather the efficiency of the system that food has to run through. If you do not pass a bowel movement every day you are constipated. If you have any of these symptoms; irregularity, costivity, hard stools, straining, incomplete emptying, constipation, and constipation-predominant IBS then it’s time to get to the root cause. Constipation can be learned and perfected from childhood through to adulthood.

If you are stressed then look no further for the reasons you are constipated. The digestive system only works in a parasympathetic state! If you are always on the go, wired, but tired, stay up late, have irregular meal times, lacking fibre and lacking hydration then make these changes to see if you are still constipated. If your bowels alternate form loose to constipated you might have a fungal infection. If your bowels are constantly loose then you may have a form of colitis.

The one reliable way of ensuing costively is moving your bowel after each meal which would require you to eat in a relaxed state at a table without your phone or computer so you are not stressed. Remember stressed states equal constipation! The very act of eating creates peristalsis along the track and stimulates deification. This movement ‘the gastrocolic reflex’ should be unconscious.


The more you suppress the need the harder and dryer the stool becomes, which inturn can cause the internal bleeding of the track.

Top tips:

  • As Annie said! When a girl/boy’s gotta go…. never suppress the need!

  • Create a relaxed environment to eat

  • Don't eat in the car or when walking

  • Eat green vegetables every day

  • Drink water before each meal and especially on waking

  • Ditch the processed food

  • Cook everyday

  • Get rid of those energy robbers

  • Get rid of negativity

You can’t beat a good full, clean bowel movement! Raise your standards to two bowels movements every day, I dare you and you will feel emotionally and physically free! 

Naturopathic plan for IBS/C (constipation)

If you experience constipation with your IBS, follow these suggestions:

  • Increase your fluid intake and avoid caffeine due to its diureticaction.

  • Create a regular and consistent eating time to encourage regular elimination.

If the following are lacking in your diet, make sure to include whole grains, steamed vegetables, fruits and legumes and rice bran, as all can increase stool mass. Natural laxatives can work for some people and you would need to trial-and-error these, such as prunes, figs, apricots and rhubarb.

  • Supplements for laxative effect: magnesium citrate and vitamin C, B5, saffron and ginger.

  • Increase your bile flow: inositol, choline and methionine, omega 3s (EPA/DHA).

  • Take probiotics–these can help improve motility through the bowel.

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