Have you got the gut to ditch Diarrhoea?



On average, a person should move 30 cm of well-formed feaces from their body every day. If you do not feel you do, then you may be constipated.

Moving too slow:

They say that what goes in must come out, and while this is true, the transit and retention time of humans varies vastly. The longest time I have consulted with someone for being constipated is two weeks. Just for a moment meditate the thought of not visiting the toilet for two whole weeks! When the transit time is this long, there is often something mechanical wrong with the bowel; a situation where diet and lifestyle are not solely responsible. Diet and lifestyle for the majority of all other cases play a considerable if not the remaining part of the issue.

Moving too fast:

Rushing to the loo, a constant state of emergency, dropping your pants ten times a day, runny and watery bowels are all many starts of diarrhea. When the stool is not formed for three, 4-inch movements a day, you may have a subclinical digestive issue. Often if you are bloated, then you will be diagnosed with IBS. If you find yourself emptying the bowel multiple times a day, then you may have a form of colitis and so on. All digestive symptoms are manageable, can be improved, and also eradicated. It takes care, time, compliance, and motivation, but are all attainable.

Here are some things that your bowels are telling me:

  • The state of your mental health

  • The capacity of your detoxification system (liver and gallbladder)

  • Allergies and intolerances

  • How efficient your digestive system is.

  • Whether you are harboring a parasite or fungal infection

  • If exercise is working for you or against you

  • If you are overusing pharmaceuticals/ nutritional supplementation.

I'm a detective when it comes to the bowels. The consistency of your stool tells me a lot about your health and the state of your health. Your bowels/ stools are also the most significant marker in your wellness program that you can mark your health/symptoms. So my advice is to start looking at what's coming out of you because you put it in, didn't you?

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