The Power of Saliva

The Power of Saliva.JPG

A transparent liquid that is always there and contains more components in the 2% that is not water than you could ever imagine.

It marinates your food so it can be broken down further by you chewing! A lost art in digestion and the quickest way to improve your digestion.

Containing enzymes, microbes, hormones, electrolytes and antimicrobial compounds a bevy of beauty!

Saliva won’t be an issue until the day you run dry! Protecting you from unwanted bugs and grubs in your food; if you lack saliva then you set yourself up for tooth decay as the mineral salts in saliva calcium and phosphate ions slow down the demineralization of tooth enamel and structure.

Saliva is the bodies first line of defence against unwanted bugs and grubs gaining entry into your bloodstream. So I can’t tell you enough to CHEW YOUR FOOD AND EAT REAL FOOD.

You don’t need extra molars to chew pizza and pasta all day long. Over time the facial structure has changed. We are already seeing estrogen dominance in men, women, and children, bodies lacking any shape and muscle tone, bodies cutting on surgeons tables like butter. This is because of the lack of intelligent nutrition we are eating today!

Remember food heals or food poisons! It's our choice which we choose!

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