Hormone Happy Breakfast

Are you bored of having the same breakfast time after time? Well the chances are that if you are so is your gut! Did you know that the average person eats ten foods a week and we should be eating a lot more than that!

So I’ve come up with a breakfast that will get your microbiome singing and dancing!


The Ingredients you will need:

Rolled organic Oats: 100 gms: Beta Glucans for hormones

Desiccated Coconut: 2 tbls: good fats

Coconut Yoghurt: 300ml: good fats and protein: anti inflammatory

Raspberries: 100 gms: antioxidants

Blueberries:100 gms:antioxidants

Chia Seeds: 1 desert spoon: good fats: omega 3: reduces inflammation

Almonds: one handful: good fats

Mint: spring: flavour

Nigella Seeds: (Kalonji) prevents oxidative damage

Macca Powder: Homone Rebalancer

Bee Pollen: Reduces menopausal and pms

Sea Salt: Potassium and anti inflammatory

Raw Honey: Drizzle (anti bacterial)

This makes a large bowl so you can share!

Why wouldn’t you?