It's me Agni! Your digestive system


Geez it takes a lot to get your attention! I’ve been really struggling down here and it just feels like you don’t listen! You throw all that processed food into me and you don’t even chew! What have I done to you to deserve this? I’m feeling sad and a bit moody as a consequence of your eating habits and lifestyle. There I said it.

Sorry Agni, I really am its just i’ve been pretty stressed recently with work and relationships, money, my parents blah blah blah

I know, I can feel it! and whats with all the alcohol and late night take aways. I cant deal with that crap man Im an organic natural entity down here, its gotta stop!

I know, I will, I promise

Listen so I was thinking. You know how much I do to keep you being the best possible you? I turn your food into energy, if you chew that is! I look after your serotonin levels, your immune system, your happiness and your weight! So I’m in a pretty strong place, right?

Right! ok you have my attention.

So how about we strike a deal ? You stop putting in things that are not natural and I’ll keep you running like clockwork, maybe even sort out dysfunctional relationship you have .

Wow ok, deal.

Great lets start, water and all natural foods for the next 30 days deal? Oh and you have to start with my 3 day gut cleanse. You killed me over Christmas!

Deal. I love you Agni.

Um I love you too human…..

Love Your Liver, Love Yourself

The Liver  - The Grandfather of all organs


The Liver takes on most of the strain form your lifestyle and nutritional choices on a daily basis. Most of the time the liver doesn't grumble and gets on with filtering the food and liquid you drink into energy so you can be the best possible you. So with the season to be jolly around the corner it would make sense to get a few things in place to help support that old faithful friend of yours, the liver.

How to tell when my Liver is unhappy.

  • Dark Urine throughout the day
  • Painful upper back
  • Dark circles under the eyes
  • Cravings and addictions that intensify
  • Feeling of being overwhelmed and frustrated
  • Chronic Fatigue

Chronic fatigue is perhaps the most over looked symptom of liver toxicity as more favourable answers are found to your tiredness, brain fog and relentless sugar cravings. Often some self medication follows, exercise, reduce fatty foods, reduce alcohol, increase sleep, more water. However these changes don't always provide results and when this is the case a more in-depth investigation needs to happen.

The liver’s performance can directly impact emotional constitution. A toxic liver can be the reason for various forms of depression, which is really a form of anger turned inward. General moodiness, feelings of despair, and occasional outbursts of anger can all be caused by a burdened liver.

However, many people do not realise that the liver’s function or operational deficiencies, play significant role in your emotional and mental health.  We all get slightly moody form time to time and thats forgivable behaviour but chronic and wide mood swings accompanied with physical energy are another.

So if you find the symptoms below sound like you, it may be time to look at your detoxification pathways / nutritional skills and or alcohol consumption.

  • Cant lose weight
  • Cant kick the alcohol
  • Have a heavy meat diet
  • Have a heavy processed diet
  • Have strong and ferocious mood swings

The Liver is also best friends with the digestive system and so your problem may be manifesting here, its always comes back to the gut!

What do I get if I do some detoxing?

  • Weight loss: The liver produces bile which is essential in the breakdown of fats. When you stat detoxing the liver further assists the metabolism of fats in the body aiding your weight los and ability to tone that beautiful body of yours!
  • Increase your energy: Once the liver eliminates the harmful substances out if the body, the liver starts to run more efficiently providing you with more energy.
  • Look younger: Surely you don't need any other organ after this one. When you remove the toxicity that your liver has been storing your skin will automatically look brighter and younger! Cancel the botox!
  • A clean liver: It stands to reason that the organ that has been designed to remove toxins form your body should need detoxing. It is normal to have toxins in your liver but when they build up to inordinate amounts that they start to inhibit detoxification pathways.

Have you got the guts for good skin ?


We all know keeping up a solid skin cleansing regime is key for fighting blemishes and maintaining good skin… But what we put into our bodies (and how we absorb it) is just as key. But how do you know what to look out for and how to fix it? We nabbed a sit down with nutritionist Hannah Richards to tell us how to spot (pun intended) potential gut issues, plus her top tips for getting the glow…

Staring right back at you in the mirror is your body’s roadmap to what is going on inside you. Around six metres of it, to be precise. In fact, it’s your largest organ. Think about that for a moment: your skin is your largest organ, with the express responsibility of protecting your inners from the outside world no less.

So how can you tell if you have issues that run more than skin deep?


  • Dull looking skin and hair
  • Blemished and scarred skin
  • Dark shadows under the eyes
  • Bleeding gums
  • Nails that split or that are weak
  • Cuts and wounds that resist healing
  • Prolonged bruising

Sound familiar? While overhauling your lifestyle is probably a no-go (especially if you’re a mum), there are some small, easy changes anyone can make now.


Eat tomatoes
The most versatile of the fruits and now a natural sun protector, too: tomatoes contains lycopene which is an antioxidant protecting you from the sun’s rays from the inside out. Just make sure it’s in season (tomatoes grow in the UK from June to September) and doesn’t look perfect as imperfection in vegetables tends to reveal a better taste sensation.

Close your pores
Tightened pores are less likely to clog: fact. Try taking a cold shower (or at the very least have a cold couple of minutes at the end of your shower) to seal the pores in the skin and scalp, preventing dirt from getting trapped. Bonus: hot water is drying to skin so by braving the cold, you’ll also ensure more moisture is locked into your skin.

Learn how to breathe
You may be thinking that you already know how to do this pretty well, but most people aren’t getting the most from their breath. By learning to breathe diaphragmatically you will be giving your organs a workout at the same time as tightening up those abs.

Support the Vagal Nerve and digestion
The Vagal Nerve is the wandering nerve that connects all your vital organs. By taking a cold shower or a swim in a lake or unheated pool you can stimulate this master nerve and improve your digestive system at the same time.

Get rosy
As well as smelling divine, Rosehip Oil supports healthy cell regeneration. Try Pai Bioregenerate Oil which is 100% natural and organic and helps restore balance and regenerate skin without irritation.