Pea, Mint and Broadbean Dip


Stay loyal, stay local!

Garden Pea, Mint and Broadband Dip

So summer is finally here and its typically the time we due of the BBQ, pull the speedos out form the back of the draw and check the sun cream isn’t out of date. The other thing we do as over consumers is to buy loads of dips in plastic. So here are my series of dips that you can make yourself form your own garden or if not your own garden you can buy the ingredients locally.

What you will need:

15 borad bean pods

3 hand full of garden peas

3 tbs of virgin olive oil

3 cloves of garlic

10 mint leaves

Salt and Pepper

Add all the ingredients into a blender and blend. Add more olive oil if needed and season to your taste.

Dip with raw vegetables or have alongside your dinner. Top with a nasturtium flower.

It's me Agni! Your digestive system


Geez it takes a lot to get your attention! I’ve been really struggling down here and it just feels like you don’t listen! You throw all that processed food into me and you don’t even chew! What have I done to you to deserve this? I’m feeling sad and a bit moody as a consequence of your eating habits and lifestyle. There I said it.

Sorry Agni, I really am its just i’ve been pretty stressed recently with work and relationships, money, my parents blah blah blah

I know, I can feel it! and whats with all the alcohol and late night take aways. I cant deal with that crap man Im an organic natural entity down here, its gotta stop!

I know, I will, I promise

Listen so I was thinking. You know how much I do to keep you being the best possible you? I turn your food into energy, if you chew that is! I look after your serotonin levels, your immune system, your happiness and your weight! So I’m in a pretty strong place, right?

Right! ok you have my attention.

So how about we strike a deal ? You stop putting in things that are not natural and I’ll keep you running like clockwork, maybe even sort out dysfunctional relationship you have .

Wow ok, deal.

Great lets start, water and all natural foods for the next 30 days deal? Oh and you have to start with my 3 day gut cleanse. You killed me over Christmas!

Deal. I love you Agni.

Um I love you too human…..