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Sounds like you are walking your talk! Why not read my book?

Review from the book:

''A fantastic book! Unlike so many other nutrition books, this book focuses each chapter on a specific organ. Hannah shows us how to know when they are not functioning at their best and provides easy to follow tips to improve the health of each of these organs, including meal plans and lifestyle recommendations. There is a large focus also on how our emotions affect our health, which is something that I find so many books like this leave untouched. A no nonsense approach to becoming the best possible you! Thanks Hannah :)”

The best possible you.

The human body is an amazing and resilient system, and the food we eat, the way we move, and the way we chose to live our lives can all help to keep it in balance and improve our health. This book takes you on a journey through your body and teaches you where every organ lives and how you can heal your organs back to health when they fall out of balance with lifestyle, nutrition and movement changes.

It is also full of useful tips for improving our mental wellbeing, and provides a truly holistic approach to living - and feeling - well.

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Healthy gut, healthy 🧠 brain and body!