Retreats to Somerset

Juicing for weight loss and Gut Health

September 20th - 22nd September

Join us for a weekend of organic cold press juicing to invigorate your health, lose weight and improve your gut function. In the beauty and tranquility of Somerset come and join me for some relaxation and me time. The beautiful side effect of this weekend is that you go home lighter and more relaxed!

‘‘Weight loss is a beautiful side effect!’’

What a day looks like:

Wake with the birds and Rosemary Water

Tibetan stretching class with breathing techniques for better digestion

Breakfast in the Garden

Foraging walk

Lunch in the conservatory:

Gut Health Talk/ medicinal cold press juicing

Kefir /sauerkraut workshop

Down time / Me Time / reading time


Movie/ chats/ reading

Cold Press Juice Menu:

All menus are bespoke and organic ingrediants

Bone Broths

Fermented Food: kefir, kombucha, sauerkraut

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The Gorgeous Gut Retreat: Somerset

Sometimes we all need to take a break from our lives to regroup and put some attention into ourselves and our needs.  The Gorgeous Gut Retreat offers the chance to relax, unwind and rejuvenate in the surroundings of beautiful Somerset.  Here you will learn how to support your Gut with recipes and remedies that you can take away and build into your lives moving forward and spend time just chilling out and learning in a cosy, inviting and inclusive environment.  

£550 per person double room

£900 for a couple en suite

20th - 22nd September 2019


What people are saying about the retreats

‘‘Thank you for sharing your very tasty and amazing porridge recipe... not had a chance to make it yet but will buy the ingredients at the weekend and will definitely make some. 

Also thank you so much for such a wonderful weekend. It was truly wonderful staying at your cosy family home and for your hospitality. I really enjoyed eating your superb food and being introduced to so many new and alternative flavours and concoctions. ‘‘ Mary

‘‘Thanks Hannah for a lovely weekend. I’m currently eating my Goldilocks porridge with a coconut coffee, whilst my bones are roasting in the over. I have learnt so much from you this weekend. See you in a few months for a check in and review. Take Care Jo’’