COMING SOON - Bergatone Plus - Organic Bergamot for weight management and cholesterol

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COMING SOON - Bergatone Plus - Organic Bergamot for weight management and cholesterol


How Can Bergatone Plus Benefit You?

Bergatone Plus is not suitable for ages below 18 years.

Are you concerned about your cardiovascular health?
Do you battle with stubborn belly fat? 
Do you have problems with cholesterol or blood sugar?
If yes, then Bergatone Plus is ideal for you. 
What is in Bergatone Plus? 
Bergatone Plus is a safe and effective natural supplement that uniquely contains highest strength, premium grade Bergamot fruit extract  (BPF) from Reggio Calabria, Southern Italy, in combination with high strength Olea Europaea Leaf extract, Vitamin C, Chromium and Alpha Linoleic acid. 

What makes Bergatone Plus the most effective? 
Bergatone contains the world’s highest strength Bergamot fruit extract with a 47% minimum standardized strength of active Polyphenols, permitting optimum product efficacy. 

The premium grade Olea Europaea Leaf extract co-exists with the Bergamot fruit extract to optimize the efficacy of the active polyphenols on improving both cardiovascular and metabolic risk factors. 

What are the active components? 
5 Polyphenols: Necoeriocitrin, Naringin, Neoesperidin, Melitidine and Bruteridin, are the primary active components of the Bergamot fruit extract.

What do Polyphenols do? 
Polyphenols are recognized mainly for their anti-oxidant properties, but high-quality clinical evidence also supports their efficacy in reducing belly fat and improving risk factors associated with metabolic and cardiovascular health. 

Results may vary between individuals. 

How Does it Work?
It is important to take Bergatone Plus 30 minutes before a meal because the polyphenols bind to fats released from food within the gut. This product is safe when taken long-term and does not interact with any prescription medication, including statins.