Client Testimonials

I am a nurse by background and had the great pleasure to work with Hannah Richards. I learned more in an hour with her than in a semester of nutrition class. Loved that Hannah really focuses, listens, and puts seemingly everything she has into advising. Too, I love that I walked away with just what I needed - nothing more as in incentivizing overspending on products, but a few very helpful products. Hannah was mindful of my current limited budget. If you think you can't see a good nutritionist without spending a fortune on their products, go see Hannah. 

Can't wait to read Hannah's forthcoming book! Thanks, Hannah for helping us to be our larger, healthier selves for all we have to do in the world. :). Dr. Meg Brindle

Going to see Hannah was a key turning point in my relationship with food, but also with life. She is extremely astute and kind of gets to the point in a very compassionate way. She gave me great advice about my lifestyle in relation to my business and of course around food and even though she didnt push me to give up cake, I have! She is a brilliant coach and knows her stuff. Highly recommended! Helen Sanderson

Hannah has great knowledge on nutrition. It is simply not a case of cutting all things out but creating balance. She is fantastic with symptoms and finds the aetiology of the symptom for treatment. 
Highly recommended over general Nutritionists and Dieticians! Claud Serjeant

When you see Hannah Richards, you are going to learn much more than just the best food for your body. You learn about the best movement, the best environments, triggers for all the good things and the bad things in your life and you learn how to listen to the messages your body is telling you. Some sessions can be challenging. But Hannah is totally empathetic and supportive. You'll go in thinking that you are just going to address how funny you feel after eating pasta, and leave having addressed multiple elements of low workability in your life. Lexi Sexuless

At a low point in my health and wellbeing and after many years of struggling with my weight management and relationship with food I met with Hannah ! 
All I can say is that the flexible approach to not only diet but lifestyle and exercise means that I have achieved goals and feel so much better about myself and ability to be in control of my health both physically and emotionally' Helen Reed

Thanks, Hannah - I learned more from you in an hour by Zoom than being an RN/ taking full nutrition course in college! Love the bone broth for protein, low cal, high ease. Meg Brindle

My 14 year old daughter and I went to see Hannah as we were interested in Metabolic Typing. We discovered that we were both Balanced and Hannah put together a healthy eating plan for us. This was very useful as my daughter at the time was making unhealthy choices and wanted to lose some weight. In the 3 month process she lost 10 kilos and is now currently maintaining her weight but more importantly educated in the healthy food choices she makes. This was very empowering for a teenager and Hannah coached us both through the process gently coaxing us into believing we could make informed decisions to enhance out health and wellbeing. I would highly recommend Hannah! Jo Tucker

'' As I said on the phone Hannah does change peoples lives and personally everyone on this planet should at some point go and see a Hannah. (Human MOT service)'' Simone Thomas