The Best Possible You by Hannah Richards

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'The Best Possible You' gives a breakdown of every organ that is inside you; what its job entails, when and how it can go wrong and how to heal it back to health.

We have four ‘bodies’ in this human body of ours – the Physical body, the Chemical body, the Emotional body and the Mental body and a healthy body relies on all of these bodies to be in tune with each other for the absence of disease. If you only look after one body then you will find malfunction or a state of disease creep in somewhere else.

There is no hierarchy to the body, it requires a plethora of complex systems and pathways to work together like a beautiful dance. Only then will you experience the vast abilities that the body you live in and with is capable of!

I wrote this book to teach you the fundamentals of how the body works, what the body is capable of doing and crucially, what you can do to ensure that you’re the best possible version of you.

The human body is often unquestioned if it works, it is only when it starts to malfunction that we say ‘I’d better start looking after myself’.

The body can be complicated when sick and yet when it is not sick it is so simple to look after and understand. This book will help you heal when you’re sick or run down or have a problem you need to solve but it will also help you keep every bit of your body well maintained so you can be the best possible you.
— Hannah Richards - Author

What readers are saying:

“Well researched and achievable changes we need to make to be our best. Easy to incorporate into our busy daily lives. Thank you so much for writing this most informative book.”

“As a health care professional with a longstanding weight and image problem, I found Hannah an inspiration. This book offers straightforward easy to follow advice that supports not just weight loss but a sound understanding and rationale behind why we struggle to do what we know we should.
I highly recommend”

“I saw a review of this new book last weekend and felt compelled to buy a copy - I'm only about halfway through, but it's a really interesting, holistic insight into ways of helping oneself. The idea of working with nutrition and natural health-supporting supplements is highly appealing and I'll be buying a few more copies for family and friends.”

“I loved the way "The Best Possible You" is written including all the physical, emotional, nutritional and spiritual aspects. We are not just a body, we are mind, body, soul and Hannah captures this beautifully, with sound advice throughout…..It's a wonderful book - well worth buying and keeping on your book shelf!”

“This book teaches you how to recognise imbalance in the body and how to rectify it. I strongly recommend this book to everyone and I look forward to its sequel!”

“A fantastic book! Unlike so many other nutrition books, this book focuses each chapter on a specific organ. Hannah shows us how to know when they are not functioning at their best and provides easy to follow tips to improve the health of each of these organs, including meal plans and lifestyle recommendations.”